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Saint Silouan Retreat

St. Siluoan Young Adult Fall Retreat 2022

Drops from the living words - Therapy for the soul

Thank you so much for organizing and hosting this retreat! It was wonderful! I truly enjoyed it,
the atmosphere was so peaceful and the workshops very informative. I also enjoyed listening to
Fr. Ieremia’s talk. I would love to attend future YAR! Doamne ajută!
Christina Delcea, 24, Dentist 

This retreat helped my wife and I connect with other Orthodox people our age: we're already
planning to meet up with some of them again! It can be so difficult to find people who share our
faith, and we are grateful for the chance to build our community in Christ. Thank you so much
for hosting the retreat. I had a very lovely time.
Ryan, 29, Teacher
The St. Siluoan YAR, 2022 event hosted at St. Michaels in Southbridge MA, went very well and
overall was an excellent event to go to. All the activities that included listening to the main speaker Protosingelor Ieremia, participating in the many workshops and enjoying the fellowship of other individuals from around the area, was a fantastic and memorable experience.
One aspect of the event that opened my eyes more than anything else, was the sheer amount of
people that attended and came to participate in the small event located in the suburbs of
Southbridge MA.  Even though our fellow Orthodox communities feel distant and sometimes
difficult to reach, this event shows us that our Orthodox communities are ALIVE, GROWING
and not that far away!
I would fully recommend this event to anybody who is looking to build their Orthodox community
and learn more about their faith! Excellent event and would definitely go again!
I look forward to future editions of the St. Siluoan YAR event to come. 
Loukas, 28, Automation Architect

I’m so thankful to have attended the St  Siluoan retreat and met so many fellow Orthodox youth.
The day was full of both fun and enriching activities like how to make Koliva and talks around a
bonfire. Everyone was interested in meeting each other and the atmosphere was so positive and
relaxing. I had a great time and definitely recommend this retreat to people looking to create or
extend their Orthodox relations. 
Soultana, 19, College student

In these strange days we find ourselves in, it is exceedingly difficult for young adults such as
myself to find company which brings us closer to God. Through His mercy and the prayers of
Saint Silouan, this day helped us all find exactly that.
Not only did we have amazing company in one another, but our guest speaker and time in church
helped direct the souls and interactions of all present towards Heaven while on earth.
Presbytera Camelia and Father John worked hard, and it payed off. My heart could hardly be
fuller than it was that day.
Glory to God for all things, and may this be merely the first event of many to come!
Julian , 21

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